Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

The anticipation waiting for Dennis. We tried passing the time with breakfast, but all the kids wanted to do was sit and stare at the tree. Poor things.

For all those who wondered about the tiny box. Inside were diamond earrings. My man friend has impeccable taste.

The kids had a good haul. Spoiled little things. They still get to have Christmas at their "other parents".
Shawn got a rail and a new skateboard. I'm sure that we will be posting pics as soon as he gets the hang of it.
Gracie made off with a new I pod. She was jamming out all morning.
Summer got her very favorite thing, a gigantic gumball machine.

Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its Christmas. Designers are cranky. They don't care if one of your sisters worked till 1:00 in the morning to table their drapes. (Thank you very much Cristal) They don't care that you worked Saturday and all Day Sunday with you other sister (Thank you Katt) While your children entertained themselves. They don't care if you got up at 3:30 in the morning to make sure the job was finished by 8:00 so you could go to your other job. The only thing that they care about is that their client decided they want their bedspread to be 2" longer, how can they pin it on you. "oh, yes!" they say to themselves, "I will call her and tell her that the bedspread was crap and that she has to remake it." So when they call me and say this. (Which I was quite surprised I thought that it looked really good) I tell them that we can remake it and I am sorry that she was disappointed. To which they follow up with, "Well, I am going to have to order new fabric" and I say, "You don't have to do that I can use what we already have." and they reply, "Oh no, they need it to be longer." and I say to myself, "Ahhh... It's not that the workmanship was bad, it's because the designer made a mistake and would very much like to pin it on me so that I will remake the whole thing for free." Not a word about the rest of the house that got installed, making sure to know that I would not be getting paid for any of the work that was done until the client was pleased with the bedspread. (which was not my fault.) No worries that I already paid my employees for the week and might be short for my own Christmas money. (I'm not. I have enough)

Merry Christmas to all the under appreciated employees who get to take on the cranky people.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tree time

We managed to get the tree in the house... Dusty had to do a bit of trimming to get it to go in.
My pictures came out , sideways.... I turned them, but they don't seem to want to stay that way... I guess I have some computer malfunctions today. I will have to work on them. So, maybe soon...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Slow Driving

It seems as though my slow driving has done nothing, but, slow me down. Thursday Gracie was late for school. Granted, first I have to drop Summer and Shawn off on University and Ellsworth to catch the bus and then drive out to the Hunt Highway and Gary (Crismon ish) to drop off Gracie, but I haven't been late before.
Today, I rounded the corner to Shawn and Summers bus stop just as the bus was leaving. I slowed, (I was going to just u turn and drive to the school) the bus driver stopped and asked if I wanted to let the kids on. I said "Sure, if you don't mind." Mean while Summer was tearing up at how embarrassing it was to be the last one to get on the bus, and that it was a special "stop". I guess I'm getting old when I can say, I just didn't understand. It's not like I turned the corner honking and waving the bus driver down. Yelling out my window, "Yoohoo!! Bus Driver! Wait for two more!" It was all very calm and collected. Poor girl was so mortified that she even told me after I picked her up that "Next time please just keep driving. Don't stop and chat it up with the bus driver."
It's tough being the mom. Sometimes you just don't know what to do....

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We skipped out on turkey to get a head start on the sand. Dusty and I took Coco with us to the Sand Dunes. I was fun. I can't drive the RZR without sticking it in the sand though. Dusty runs it good though. We went up, and down, and all around.
We were at the sand drags just kicking it, and who pulls in right next to us? Robby Gordan. He just wanted to kick it too. I didn't dare get to close, you never know when the itch will come to steal a real trophy truck. Hate to have good ole Robby take me to court.

The drags were packed! All the way down both sides was about 10 toys deep, at least.

The dunes are getting over run by sand cars, rails and side by sides. There are more of those out there now then quads, bikes.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday we bought a new puppy. Her name is Cocoa. You can tell a difference from having boxer puppies to having a lab puppy. She is much more submissive. Those boxer pups are crazy. So far she gets along well with Pinto, Beans and the kids. We just love her.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dusty the Pilot

Dusty picked out this remote control plane and decided to learn to fly. The first flight was quite the learning experience. Which made every flight after a learning experience. Each time the plane took a dive, something broke. So every time the plane got repaired it was a little different. Which caused him to re-learn to fly every time he took off. Poor thing. About a week after the maiden voyage he finally got it. Flew around the golf course several times showing off how he can turn and make the plane go right where he wanted it, then suddenly the wings folded in half (mid flight) and crashed into the top of a palm tree of all things. The boys (Dusty, and Alex) grabbed the extension ladder and climbed the neighbors tree to retrieve the plane. Not quite all in one piece.

There will be a new plane. And more flight I do believe. So if anyone is itching to take a trip Dusty is on his way to get his pilot license.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dusty's 34 Birthday

We started the day off with, you guessed it, PRESENTS! I did all right with one, the Ipod touch. The other two were a miss. We are going to return them and get somethings more useful. Then, breakfast at I Hop. Off to Home Depot to get parts to fix the toilet... Then the poor man had to actually fix the toilet. Off to Freestone park. We rode bikes around and Shawn rode around on his skate board. We made a stop at the hobby store where we watched the RC car races, and Dusty bought a remote control plane. Then, home for flying lessons. Remote control planes must be and art... really. A few landing into trees and off to dinner at Rustlers Roost. A magic man made a stop at our table and mesmerized the kids with his magical coins. He was very entertaining. On he way home the car had some problems. Just wouldn't run any more. Called a tow truck, and Dawn... Dawn picked up all five of us and dropped us at home where we hopped into the truck and went to the sand drags/mud bogs. Hung out there for a bit with Dad, Mom, John, Paul and Ben. I hear that we missed Paul's best run on the 2 wheeler. But, we got to see him and my dad race a few more times. We met up with Dennis and Emily (friends from Dusty's work) and stayed at the track with them till around 11:00. Then it was home for cheesecake and a quick game of Suduko. Even with the plumbing, and the tow truck Dusty said that he had a GREAT birthday. I'm so glad. I love to see the man happy.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Old and Busted meets NEW HOTTNESS

Old and Busted

New Hottness

Dusty and I took a drive out to Deer Valley Rd and Central to pick up some new hottness for the truck. 1275.00 later we are rolling on 20"s. Such a beautiful ride.
Just in time too... ten more days and I can drive!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

15 more days and I can drive again. It has seemed like an eternity. Just one day over two weeks. UGGHH!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Utah Trip

I finally got to go on the Utah trip. Even though it was only for Thursday and Friday, it was worth it. We met my Dad, John and Paul up there Wednesday night and had some dinner. When it was time to turn in, Dusty and I took the floor. Between John and my dads beds... it was like sleeping in a bear cave. I don't know how Paul slept through it.
Thursday was the GPS rides. We got to go pretty much where ever we wanted. We found geo caches, and grilled up some burgers on the trail. We were lacking a spatula for flipping the burgers. Dusty used his inventive ways and fashioned a spatula out of a empty monster can. Hence, Monster Burgers. They were so delicious. We ran into cows, and very seldom other riders. It was awesome. Next time we want to have a race to see who can find the most geo caches. I'm excited about that.

Friday we were going to take a ride that I hear was really good. But, the RZR was 7" to wide to fit through the gate. So with my Dad as courageous leader we took off into the unknown.... (well, he knew where he was going.) The trees were changing colors so it made for a really pretty ride.

We stopped for lunch at a cabin that had a little mine and railroad tracks, but no train. I got my dad to be the train. He did a great impression.
Friday night after dinner we took off for Page. Spent the night in a hotel, and got home Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cinder Weekend

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shawn's 10th birthday

We had Shawn's birthday party last Saturday. Thank you all for coming he had a really good time.
There was back flips on the trampoline, swimming, fruit, (Shawn loves fruit) brownies, silly string wars, and many cousins.
My little boy is 10 now. Time sure does fly. 5th grade. Two more years and then Jr. high. What then?

Thursday, August 27, 2009


more days till I can drive again. I don't know of anyone who doesn't drive when their license is suspended. Everyone I know just keeps driving. They are just extra careful. There are so many people out there just driving along with no license. Not me though. Here I sit. Begging for rides. Mingeling my errands with the errands of others.
I feel so useless. My hands are tied to help anyone else. If I was a menace to society before I am surely a menace now for all who know me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shawn"s Birthday Party

To all who would like to come! We are having Shawns birthday party at our house, at 1:00 this Saturday. Nothing fancy, just swimming and some cake and ice cream.
Love to have you! Let me know if you are gonna make it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

no more taxes!

Quit my job last night. I'm just not cut out for the work place. I really don't work well with others...

Friday, August 14, 2009

New car

The tranny has some problems in the WRX. 2nd gear is no where to be found. What other solution could there be but to buy another car? After all, that big yellow truck just sits in the driveway while I am unable to drive.

It needs a little washing, but I think I really love it. It's about the quarter of the size of the truck. I hope Dusty still has it around when I can drive again. It's fun to be little sometimes.

First Day of School

Gracie is enjoying being a 3rd grader. She is going to a new school, and also a new babysitter during the week. All those changes, and still happy. Dusty must have done something right.

Shawn is my brave 5th grader this year. Summer is so excited to be in 2nd grade.
They are such good kids. They have been getting up and getting ready all on their own. Dressed, lunches packed, breakfast ate and hair combed. I couldn't ask for more.
I am so proud of you kids!


Beans is now a mother of 11. Her entire litter totaled 12, but we had one with a cleft pallet. Poor old Button had to be put in the freezer. 4 more weeks and we will be selling them. If you know anyone who needs a puppy...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slide Rock

Last Saturday we took the kids up to slide rock. It was packed. The water was a bit chilly at first, but you got used to it. I had been there before, but never in the water. I loved it! The slides were faster and deeper than I anticipated.
We hiked up stream and picked wild blue berries.
Summer even took a little dive off the cliff jump. She looked so scared, but she did it. Crazy girl. She looks so tall and skinny jumping off the cliff.

Next time we will take a pick-nic. The kids had an awesome time exploring. If I had planned ahead a little better we could have stayed longer.

Working for the Man

Well, the suspended my license about three weeks ago. 69 more days to go without driving.
They wrote me a letter after my court date. Told me that I was a menace to society with no regaurd for the law and becuase of my habitual speeding I had to have my license suspended.
On an even greyer note... I went back to work full time for Athena. Dusty and I were thinking of buying a house. It turns out it's super hard to get a loan when you are self employed. They wanted W2's. So, Dusty drives me to Carries house every morning, and I ride with Carrie (Athena's workroom manager) in to work. I'm a bit slow in my workroom so I don't have to work to late at night or early in the morning. Plus I still have Cristal for a few weeks.
I like riding to and from work with Dusty everyday. But, I miss being home. I have been pampered working from home. Especially being with Dusty. He made it easy to just work the work hours and not all nighters. I just love him.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working on the Boat

The boat has turned into quite the project. We started with the upholstery. It has been slow going. (the front half still isn't done) Dusty did some sewing, and some stapling. It's coming along.
Then, Dusty had to take apart the top end of the engine. He got it all put back together. With Shawn as his assistant. (Shawn even asked if he could come over when he was at his dads to help Dusty with the boat) then we took it out. We did some wake boarding with Cristal. I even got to drive the boat a little while Dusty wake boarded. I didn't do that great, but maybe next time. I stayed up on the wake board for a record time. All of two minutes. At least I'm not getting worse, right? While we were out (at the back of the lake) The boat started to make a new noise... Dusty babied it back to the dock, and now the whole motor is out. We are waiting on my Dad to get the bottom end put back together.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Day of the Vacation

Back to Disney, relaxing by the pool and 80 dollar lunches. I promise these are the last of the pictures. (well, I have do hundreds...)
Fourth of July we got to watch the fireworks on the Ferris wheel. That was a lot of fun. We could see a bunch of differant shows, and there was no crowd. We had a really fun time, and it was a little rough getting back to work. I always hvae to play a little catch up when I take off more then a weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sorry, still running vacation pics...
Thursday we went to Magic Mountain. The kids loved it! They hated that there were rides that they couldn't ride. Always begging to just see if the attendent would notice that they were to short. I told them they would fly right out, and then I could never forgive myself.
All the kids were tall enough to ride X2. They were so excited to get on... Gracie and Summer sat together, Shawn and Emilee rode together, and Dusty and I together. When the ride was over (it was awesome... worth the wait) Summer was crying histericaly, "I hate this place! I hate this place!" The attendent was helping her out of her seat with her tear staind face as I rushed over, looking like a horrible parent for letting her 7 year old ride such and intense ride.
The next day of course she wanted to go back so bad and try it again. Such a good little adventureer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A few more pictures

Monday, July 6, 2009


We had our 4th of July Disney vacation!
Monday morning, we left bright and early. We thought that we would make it there before big daddy. He sent us a text letting us know that he was leaving late...
About 45 mintues from Disney he let us in on his little joke... he was almost there! We were very close to catching up, he was turning into the Disney parking garage as we were turning into out hotel!
The deal was, who ever can find him in Disneyland gets a golden dollar. In addition to that dollar, if he was found in Toon Town they would get two fifty cent coins...
Dusty found him outside of the Haunted Mansion, on the way to Splash Mountain. He got the golden dollar. We road with him on Splash Mountain, and sadly, I didn't carry my camera that day, other wise there would be evidence.
Tuesday we checked into our hotel for the rest of the week, and spent a few more days at Disney. Riding the rollar coasters and waiting in lines. (none of the lines were to terrible) Summer, wishing that she were just a little bit taller, (there was only one ride there she was to short for) Always wanted to make sure that she hadn't grown in the last ten minutes... "Can we just check and see if I'm tall enough now?" "You did not grow in the last ten minutes!" "Can we just stuff my shoes with napkins?" "No, we can't stuff four inches of napkins into your shoes!"
Nice lazy days. Spend the morning riding rollar coasters, afternoon at the pool, evening riding rollar coasters, catching a few parades, light shows, fireworks.
More on the vacation coming soon....