Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Diesel Meltdown

Running errands yesterday with Shawn and noticed that the dash was smoking a little. Just for a minute. Then it stopped. So I didn't really think about it again. Later that night, I was taking Emillee home and the dash started smoking again. More then earlier. Rolled the windows down. Called Dusty to tell him that the dash was smoky. Decided that we should just go ahead and take the car back home and drive the truck. So I started to get off the 60 onto the 202 north. About this same time the dash lights started to flicker. And I said, "Oh look the dash lights are starting to work." But no, that was just the fire behind the knobs... Let me tell you, the on ramp for the 202 north is very long when your dash is on fire! So, I call Dusty again and say, "The car is on fire." and he says, "What do you want me to do about it? Stomp it out? Smother it with something." and I said, (thinking that he wasn't understanding) "The dash is on fire, inside the car." and he says, "So, you want me to pick you up?" and I said, "Yes." so I pull over. I tell Shawn and Emillee to get out. There are fabric book in the back hatch, so I took one out and tried to smother the dash with it. That didn't work, now there are flames coming out of the dash (which is melting by the way) "Water, isn't there any water bottles in the car?" Shawn tells me there is one in the back seat, so I look around and find it. I douse the dash with water and the fire is out. A police officer pulls over, and says, "Rachael Gillespie?" and I say, "Yes." I kinda recognize the officer, but I get pulled over a lot, so that doesn't mean much. "Heath Goodman." Ahh.... used to be the in the ward. Dawn went on some dates with him. So, Dusty came, took Emillee and the kids and I waited for the tow truck.
Now is the chance for a new radio....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


last Saturday we took the kids out to Tombstone. Took the baby diesel. Went there and back on less then a quarter of a tank of gas. We had lunch in a saloon. Summer told me that she was not going to be working in a saloon. The girls loved the bathroom because it was pink. We didn't do to much there, just ate lunch, walked the "strip" and then went to Kartchner Caverns.

They didn't allow us to take pictures at the caverns. Sorry. But, it was really cool. The mountains that the caves are in don't even look special. Just two little humps in the desert. It was amazing to see what was inside. Kinda like one of those ugly rocks that you break open and find cristals. We had a great weekend.