Sunday, July 18, 2010


Saturday afternoon we took the kids to Rhodes Jr. High pool. Dusty and Shawn rode the wave rider machine there. They did really great for their first time. They had two sides and they would knee board on one side, and surf on the other. Shawn was just getting good at standing up when they shut it down. Dusty of course did awesome.
Summer was off at a baby shower for her Aunt Jennifer, so she missed out on the fun.
Gracie braved the high dive. She walked half way out and then decided that it was to high and went back to go down the ladder. The life guard yelled that she had to wait for her to come over and go down the ladder with her. Gracie couldn't hear what she said, so Dusty just yelled up that the life guard told her that she wasn't aloud to go down, that she HAD to jump. So off she went. We got it on video just so that we could show Summer.
Shawn so spent about an hour jumping off the diving boards doing spins and flips.
It seems like when I was a kid the public pools were so much more crowded. Lots more kids. There wasn't to many people there. Seemed like mostly teen age boys.
I had some pictures but ever since my phone got dropped in the pool its hasn't saved any of my photos.
It was cheaper then the water parks, and the kids had just as much fun.