Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Drive

Sunday morning we started out for a morning drive to get some brunch.
Turns out that we ended up going to Globe to the Roosevelt lake turn off. Took that to some Indian Ruins. Had to jog up to the ruins before they closed so that we could go inside. It was pretty cool. Crazy how someone can just build a house right into a mountain cave.
There was a very pretty view of the lake. Worth the run.
From Roosevelt lake you can take the paved road back up through Payson, or the 22 mile dirt road by Apache Lake that takes you out through Canyon Lake. I had never been that way, so we turned that little baby diesel into a baja bug!
Stopped and had lunch in Tortilla Flats. They had the most expensive wall paper that I have ever seen. Dollar bills, stapled to everything! Great Burgers, really good fudge. Came home and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon together!