Friday, December 28, 2012


Having lunch with her favorite person.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It's been a busy year. Specially the last few months. Home improvements are still slowly being completed, and with every new project, there seems to be at least three more on the horizon. All I want for Christmas is a diner booth. I paid someone else to frame and upholster my booth. Saturday comes around after much begging and pleading to get it before Christmas. (It's been over a 6 month wait....) I get a picture, "this is the best I can do" the corners are puckered and I quickly reply, "just stop, and I will do it myself" dusty and I pick it up, have to dismantle part of it to get it through the front door. As I am sitting on the unfinished massive piece of furniture contemplating how to fix it the fastest and quickest way my long weeks of work overwhelm me and I start laughing with hysterics. Dusty doesn't know what to do. He offers to help take it apart and put it back together, but my poor brain is to burnt out to even start. Instead, he takes me to dinner and to get a massage. We start fresh on Sunday. It only takes us a few hours to complete. We had to re sew some seams, and heat the vinyl with a space heater to make it stretch. But, it's done. We can now all sit together for dinner. No one is left to eat alone on the couch. New project? We need to build a new table. This one is to small for the booth!