Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Day of the Vacation

Back to Disney, relaxing by the pool and 80 dollar lunches. I promise these are the last of the pictures. (well, I have do hundreds...)
Fourth of July we got to watch the fireworks on the Ferris wheel. That was a lot of fun. We could see a bunch of differant shows, and there was no crowd. We had a really fun time, and it was a little rough getting back to work. I always hvae to play a little catch up when I take off more then a weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sorry, still running vacation pics...
Thursday we went to Magic Mountain. The kids loved it! They hated that there were rides that they couldn't ride. Always begging to just see if the attendent would notice that they were to short. I told them they would fly right out, and then I could never forgive myself.
All the kids were tall enough to ride X2. They were so excited to get on... Gracie and Summer sat together, Shawn and Emilee rode together, and Dusty and I together. When the ride was over (it was awesome... worth the wait) Summer was crying histericaly, "I hate this place! I hate this place!" The attendent was helping her out of her seat with her tear staind face as I rushed over, looking like a horrible parent for letting her 7 year old ride such and intense ride.
The next day of course she wanted to go back so bad and try it again. Such a good little adventureer.