Friday, August 14, 2009

New car

The tranny has some problems in the WRX. 2nd gear is no where to be found. What other solution could there be but to buy another car? After all, that big yellow truck just sits in the driveway while I am unable to drive.

It needs a little washing, but I think I really love it. It's about the quarter of the size of the truck. I hope Dusty still has it around when I can drive again. It's fun to be little sometimes.

First Day of School

Gracie is enjoying being a 3rd grader. She is going to a new school, and also a new babysitter during the week. All those changes, and still happy. Dusty must have done something right.

Shawn is my brave 5th grader this year. Summer is so excited to be in 2nd grade.
They are such good kids. They have been getting up and getting ready all on their own. Dressed, lunches packed, breakfast ate and hair combed. I couldn't ask for more.
I am so proud of you kids!


Beans is now a mother of 11. Her entire litter totaled 12, but we had one with a cleft pallet. Poor old Button had to be put in the freezer. 4 more weeks and we will be selling them. If you know anyone who needs a puppy...