Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dusty the Pilot

Dusty picked out this remote control plane and decided to learn to fly. The first flight was quite the learning experience. Which made every flight after a learning experience. Each time the plane took a dive, something broke. So every time the plane got repaired it was a little different. Which caused him to re-learn to fly every time he took off. Poor thing. About a week after the maiden voyage he finally got it. Flew around the golf course several times showing off how he can turn and make the plane go right where he wanted it, then suddenly the wings folded in half (mid flight) and crashed into the top of a palm tree of all things. The boys (Dusty, and Alex) grabbed the extension ladder and climbed the neighbors tree to retrieve the plane. Not quite all in one piece.

There will be a new plane. And more flight I do believe. So if anyone is itching to take a trip Dusty is on his way to get his pilot license.