Friday, December 12, 2008

Puppies are Here!

Beans finally had her Puppies last Sunday. Poor thing had a good 12 hours of doggie labor. She came up with 11 puppies, one died at birth, and two died the next day. So, that leaves 8. (Less babies then my mom had!) 2 girls, and 6 boys. All the kids were here that day, and Summer said to me after the first puppy came out, "Mom, did you have to eat my placenta?" I told her no. Then she asked if her "identical" cord was attached to her belly button like the puppies. It's amazing the way kids minds work. I'm thinking I wouldn't have any babies if I had to eat a placenta.
Anyone in the neighborhood that wants to check them out is more than welcome to stop by. Call first though, I tend to not sit at the house much...

Ginger Bread Houses

Christmas time is here, and so is the Ginger Bread house kit! (No, I do not even want to make Ginger Bread...)Dusty, Shawn Gracie and Summer spent some time putting the little goodies on the house. They did a Beautiful job. No one got sick from eating to much candy. Even Beans (the dog) hasn't touched the house, which we left down at her level. It must be a Christmas Miracle!