Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So, at the begining of this year our sweet Summer decided that she was going to join the orchestra and play the Bass. I said okay. Thinking that it was no big deal. Summer comes home from school with a note mentioning that I needed to rent that particular instrument. Fine. No big deal. I run over to the music store, in the beetle, and see what's up. Turns out, a Bass is bigger then the beetle and they wanted 100.00 a month to rent the darn thing. 100.00?! and I can't take it in my car! I left. Not the price quote I was looking for.

After some shopping around and Summer trying to decide if she wanted to switch to the cello, I finely gave in and rented a Bass from Milanos for 60.00 per month. I got smart and drove the truck.

Her concert was lovely. (30 minutes, direct and to the point) She played beautifully, and I was quite proud. She didn't even find herself sick to her stomache and ready to throw up when the cameras started snapping! If you watch any of the videos of Dawn Adam and I in Homespun Singers concert, I am always getting off stage mid way ready to barf.

I am so proud of Summer for dedicating herself to learning something brand new and practicing hard to achive her goal!


For those of you who didn't know. Coco had her first litter of puppies. 9 in all. It looks like most are girls. 5 black and two yellow, and two that are a golden color. I didn't know labs came golden. None chocolate. She is a very protective mother. If she even sees Beans looking in her direction she gets all worked up. She doesn't seem bothered by people touch and petting her babies, but she certainly thinks that Beans wants to run off with on for her own.

Yes, that is still the birthing blanket. I thought she was done, and switched her to a clean bed, but she had two more. I will get around to changing out the blanket, but just haven't had time. To busy catching up on my blog.


Gracie and Summer decorate the windows with gel films.

Dusty prepping the tree with lights. I don't know how I didn't get any pics of the tree with ornaments on it. The time will come.

Shawn, basking in the glory of just loafing!

oops! pictures are a bit out of order! You get the idea.