Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shawn is 12!

We had Shawn's birthday party at jumpstreet this year. Lucky for me! I don't think that I could have kept up with all the energy that 12 year old boys have! He invited a few friends, and we had some "fruit" cake. It's his favorite. It's just a take off of the dessert cookie. Yellow cake with cream cheese and marshmellow cream frosting with sliced fruit. He had a pretty good haul. New clothes, cash, socks and skate trucks.
After jump street, we dropped off the friends and took the kids to Kids that Rip. The kids had a blast there running out all the rest of their energy.
Sunday Dusty's boss hooked us up with some tickets to Sunsplash. Let me tell you, I don't think that I have ever had such an eventful birthday as that boy had this year!

Happy Birthday to Shawn!