Friday, December 28, 2012


Having lunch with her favorite person.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It's been a busy year. Specially the last few months. Home improvements are still slowly being completed, and with every new project, there seems to be at least three more on the horizon. All I want for Christmas is a diner booth. I paid someone else to frame and upholster my booth. Saturday comes around after much begging and pleading to get it before Christmas. (It's been over a 6 month wait....) I get a picture, "this is the best I can do" the corners are puckered and I quickly reply, "just stop, and I will do it myself" dusty and I pick it up, have to dismantle part of it to get it through the front door. As I am sitting on the unfinished massive piece of furniture contemplating how to fix it the fastest and quickest way my long weeks of work overwhelm me and I start laughing with hysterics. Dusty doesn't know what to do. He offers to help take it apart and put it back together, but my poor brain is to burnt out to even start. Instead, he takes me to dinner and to get a massage. We start fresh on Sunday. It only takes us a few hours to complete. We had to re sew some seams, and heat the vinyl with a space heater to make it stretch. But, it's done. We can now all sit together for dinner. No one is left to eat alone on the couch. New project? We need to build a new table. This one is to small for the booth!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

And so it begins...

My birthday went off without a hitch. Yep. Another year older. Dusty got me a brand new oven for my birthday. We were already planning on getting the floors redone. But, Sunday the 11th called for kitchen cabinet and counter removal. And, TADA! Flat burners!
Let the floor tear out commence!
New tile! Finely! It's starting to come together! How long ago was it that I tore out the closet and flooring in Shawns room?

Our outdated bathroom is looking for and update. New toilet is already in hand. Vanity is picked out. A few hundred dollars in hardware and it will be ready to roll. And new paint of course.

If any of you know of a place to get cheap fixtures and even the vanity, I am open to all options!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Well, you saw dads beast come alive... I think that Dusty may have him beat with his new garage project... 56 oval window beetle, with a rag top.

Looks like a lot of work. I am going to have to get a comfortable chair to hang out in the garage with the boys!!!

What do you think?


Of course we did the classic candy hearts at our house. But, I did them a day early, because the kids would be at their other parents houses. Unfortunately, I forgot the sentences that I put on for all the kids, but Summer's said, " Summer loved to playing 'bottle caps' with the 'nerds' and chase 'turtles' at the park. She told her dad, "Apparently, I love to play with nerds and chase turtles!" what ten year old says apparently?

Also, the annual county float parade for the 5t graders took place. Here are the highlights....

Summer did her float on Pinal county. I thought that she did an excellent job with her research and putting all the information on her float with pictures and words.

After the parade, they 5th graders get to hang out in the center of the school and drink root beer floats to celebrate!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gracies 11th birthday

Gracie turned 11 this year. It was a very quite party. Just Dusty, Gracie and I. She got a brand new bike. A cool one. A new outfit, and some other little trinkets. She lovers her bike. She rides it every chance that she gets!

For some reason, I always leave her real party up to her mom. It makes it very uneventful at out home though. This year, I feel pretty guilty. I think I should do more.

Summers Birthday

Summer turned 10 this year. We also had a quiet party for her. Just a few friends. Julia turned up towards the end, and Gracie was around for the festivities. Shawn and Dusty exited as fast as posslible and spent the day at the skate park.

Summer and her friends decorated purses with left over trims that I had from the shop. They girls were very creative and seemed to have a good time. We also had a three legged race that was a bit hard to pull off. first my rope was to rough on thier little skin, then the ribbon was to flimsy. But, the girls had a great time. After the cake, they spent the rest of the time playing Dance Party 3.

New shop

I had the opportunity to move the shop closer to home. I am now not even a quarter mile from the house. My new workroom is all open and we even have place to eat lunch! The past year, we have been sitting on the floor and eating lunch. Give me a week, and Katt and I should have everything put away and organized. *Lori, I still have your pillows. for some reason, I thought that I gave them back to you.*
I am looking forward to summer time when the kids can split time between the shop and the house, and I don't have to drive them anywhere. Shawn Summer and Gracie are enjoying the wood floors in the new shop. They get a rope and pull each other around mock skate boarding, or wake boarding. It's nice to see them enjoying themselves while I work.

Thank you to all the big strong men who helped me move all of the heavy stuff!

Also, my designers are enjoying the new trim book that was organized by mom. I hope you want to come and set me up with more fun organizational goodies!

New Years

Yep, I am behind. Far behind. This year is starting out very bumpy. my skills at, blogging, motherhood, being a wife, house keeper, seamstress, or any other task I have tried to carry out are lacking in every area. So, we might as well just start at the beginning.

New years Adam, Gracie, Paul, Dusty and I went out to the sand dunes. Not a surprise, we go every year. First ride out, a night ride, I wasn't following as fast as I should have been. I see the lights at the top of the hill, cleverly, I think I will take the fastest way, a straight line. I gunned it, straight up and back flipped down the hill, running over my ankle in the process. The boys had to straighten out my steering stem so that I could ride again. We got to where we were headed, and my ankle was the size of my calf. Needless to say, I sat in the rzr with Dusty and Gracie the rest of the weekend. Paulie got to commandeer my quad. He didn't mind at all. After the weekend was spent, I took myself to urgent care to x-rays. I tore some ligaments. No big deal, right? It's been over a month, and my ankle is still the wrong size.

This is the snow mobile that the group of people next to us we EXTREMLY hyped up about. It was pretty fast for running in the sand. I will give him that. And, something differant.