Monday, February 15, 2010

caves and spiders and windmills, oh my!

For valentines, we did the traditional candy hearts. Then loaded up and went out to Box Canyon. Dusty had some friends that were staying out there for the weekend.
Very nice place to camp, can see the kids for riding around, little jumps for the boys. Mostly flat ground for the girls to be comfortable, and not to far off from the canyon for the big kids...

I climbed right up this windmill. Not really my kinda place to be, I don't like heights, and
once I got up, I felt a little wobbly...

Shawn catching a little air.

Dusty trying to show him how its done. The little quad needs new tires, they don't hold air. Makes for a bit of a rough landing on flat tires.

Off into the caves. There was a lot of water once we went in further then the camera would take a pic. We had to turn back because our shoes would have been very wet, and the clay mud feels a little squishy between the toes. Maybe next time with some shorts, when its warmer with some flip flops.