Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dusty's 34 Birthday

We started the day off with, you guessed it, PRESENTS! I did all right with one, the Ipod touch. The other two were a miss. We are going to return them and get somethings more useful. Then, breakfast at I Hop. Off to Home Depot to get parts to fix the toilet... Then the poor man had to actually fix the toilet. Off to Freestone park. We rode bikes around and Shawn rode around on his skate board. We made a stop at the hobby store where we watched the RC car races, and Dusty bought a remote control plane. Then, home for flying lessons. Remote control planes must be and art... really. A few landing into trees and off to dinner at Rustlers Roost. A magic man made a stop at our table and mesmerized the kids with his magical coins. He was very entertaining. On he way home the car had some problems. Just wouldn't run any more. Called a tow truck, and Dawn... Dawn picked up all five of us and dropped us at home where we hopped into the truck and went to the sand drags/mud bogs. Hung out there for a bit with Dad, Mom, John, Paul and Ben. I hear that we missed Paul's best run on the 2 wheeler. But, we got to see him and my dad race a few more times. We met up with Dennis and Emily (friends from Dusty's work) and stayed at the track with them till around 11:00. Then it was home for cheesecake and a quick game of Suduko. Even with the plumbing, and the tow truck Dusty said that he had a GREAT birthday. I'm so glad. I love to see the man happy.