Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Sand

We split from Turkey Dinner and trucked on down to Gordens Well. Adam joined us with his (and Pauls) Bombardier, Dusty took his Banshee and Manx and I ran the Kawasaki. The boys wrenched on their toy right up until it was time to load up, and spent some time wrenching in the sand.
The Manx got it's first run down the sand drags. Top speed down the strip was 62 mph. Dusty was taking it a bit easy for the first trip out.

That little car duned like a beauty. Adam had to make a few runs back to camp to get water when the radiator blew a few hoses. Nothing that can't be fixed. It's nice to have such mechanically inclined boys! The road out to the dunes was a bit rough over the whoops. Turns out the shocks were blown out.

A little sand, and a lot of fun, and we came on home to clean up and get ready for a brand new week of working and kids.