Friday, December 4, 2009

Slow Driving

It seems as though my slow driving has done nothing, but, slow me down. Thursday Gracie was late for school. Granted, first I have to drop Summer and Shawn off on University and Ellsworth to catch the bus and then drive out to the Hunt Highway and Gary (Crismon ish) to drop off Gracie, but I haven't been late before.
Today, I rounded the corner to Shawn and Summers bus stop just as the bus was leaving. I slowed, (I was going to just u turn and drive to the school) the bus driver stopped and asked if I wanted to let the kids on. I said "Sure, if you don't mind." Mean while Summer was tearing up at how embarrassing it was to be the last one to get on the bus, and that it was a special "stop". I guess I'm getting old when I can say, I just didn't understand. It's not like I turned the corner honking and waving the bus driver down. Yelling out my window, "Yoohoo!! Bus Driver! Wait for two more!" It was all very calm and collected. Poor girl was so mortified that she even told me after I picked her up that "Next time please just keep driving. Don't stop and chat it up with the bus driver."
It's tough being the mom. Sometimes you just don't know what to do....

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We skipped out on turkey to get a head start on the sand. Dusty and I took Coco with us to the Sand Dunes. I was fun. I can't drive the RZR without sticking it in the sand though. Dusty runs it good though. We went up, and down, and all around.
We were at the sand drags just kicking it, and who pulls in right next to us? Robby Gordan. He just wanted to kick it too. I didn't dare get to close, you never know when the itch will come to steal a real trophy truck. Hate to have good ole Robby take me to court.

The drags were packed! All the way down both sides was about 10 toys deep, at least.

The dunes are getting over run by sand cars, rails and side by sides. There are more of those out there now then quads, bikes.