Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Six Flags

Memorial Day weekend we took Gracie to Cali to go to Six-flags and spend some time with Dusty's Sister, Angie and her family. We got to the hotel and split to Santa Monica Beach to eat on he pier and see the ferries wheel. Gracie got to mess around with her cousins for a little bit. They had a good time at dinner laughing and talking together.
Sunday Morning we were off to Six Flags to ride the roller coasters and be together. The coasters of course, never disappoint. It got a bit warm but we were fortunate enough to get SOAKED on the log ride.
Unfortunately Dusty lost his cell phone on one of the coaster. It just wiggled right outta his pocket.
I will try to post the video that Dusty took of Gracie on Goliath. He did an excellent job videoing considering he was getting tossed and turned all around as well!
Monday morning we were off and running again back to Mesa. Made it on half a tank of gas.