Friday, February 6, 2009

Here's mud in your eye

Yesterday, I worked. You know, sewed some stuff, talked to some clients, put out some "fires". I took Dusty's and my taxes to get done. Stopped by Dusty's work to get some kisses, and drop off cookies, stopped by B&B to give my dad some cookies and here the family dirt. Went back to work. 2:30 rolls around, and I am off to Shawn and Summer's bus stop. Get the kids, stop by Jeremy's house to feed the dog. Go to Gracie's school. Had to actually get out of the truck and go into the office to get some tax info. Got Gracie. Went by Angela's to drop off her cushions and ottoman. Went home. fed the kids a snack. Started pizza dough in the bread machine. Got the kids going on Homework. Mixed up some mud to start the texture on the garage. Started with the ceiling. Got mud in my eye. Both eyes. Finished the pizza dough, put it in the oven. Textured the walls. By the time Dusty got home from work, I was covered with texture. He offered to order pizza. I told him I had alread made it. (Cause I'm wonderful) and that it was ready to eat if he could just take it out of the oven and feed the kids. Only got one wall and the ceiling textured before I ran out of mud. All this before 7:00. I'm going to finish today. For sure. Anyone with a crazy whim to paint, feel free to stop by Saturday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dusty's car

Most of you may know that Dusty totalled his car. (differant accident than Jenna's) He is diligently looking for another, but can't find just what he wants. He has decided on a Subaru WRX. If any of you know of any good deals, or someone that is selling one, I would love to hear about it. I think the insurance is taking away his rental today, and then we are down to just one car.
Strange how we started last year with four cars, this year, we start with one.

Monday, February 2, 2009