Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slide Rock

Last Saturday we took the kids up to slide rock. It was packed. The water was a bit chilly at first, but you got used to it. I had been there before, but never in the water. I loved it! The slides were faster and deeper than I anticipated.
We hiked up stream and picked wild blue berries.
Summer even took a little dive off the cliff jump. She looked so scared, but she did it. Crazy girl. She looks so tall and skinny jumping off the cliff.

Next time we will take a pick-nic. The kids had an awesome time exploring. If I had planned ahead a little better we could have stayed longer.

Working for the Man

Well, the suspended my license about three weeks ago. 69 more days to go without driving.
They wrote me a letter after my court date. Told me that I was a menace to society with no regaurd for the law and becuase of my habitual speeding I had to have my license suspended.
On an even greyer note... I went back to work full time for Athena. Dusty and I were thinking of buying a house. It turns out it's super hard to get a loan when you are self employed. They wanted W2's. So, Dusty drives me to Carries house every morning, and I ride with Carrie (Athena's workroom manager) in to work. I'm a bit slow in my workroom so I don't have to work to late at night or early in the morning. Plus I still have Cristal for a few weeks.
I like riding to and from work with Dusty everyday. But, I miss being home. I have been pampered working from home. Especially being with Dusty. He made it easy to just work the work hours and not all nighters. I just love him.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working on the Boat

The boat has turned into quite the project. We started with the upholstery. It has been slow going. (the front half still isn't done) Dusty did some sewing, and some stapling. It's coming along.
Then, Dusty had to take apart the top end of the engine. He got it all put back together. With Shawn as his assistant. (Shawn even asked if he could come over when he was at his dads to help Dusty with the boat) then we took it out. We did some wake boarding with Cristal. I even got to drive the boat a little while Dusty wake boarded. I didn't do that great, but maybe next time. I stayed up on the wake board for a record time. All of two minutes. At least I'm not getting worse, right? While we were out (at the back of the lake) The boat started to make a new noise... Dusty babied it back to the dock, and now the whole motor is out. We are waiting on my Dad to get the bottom end put back together.