Monday, April 11, 2011

What's For Dinner

How is it that everyone seems to make it look so effortless to decide what to buy at the grocery store and make for dinner?
It is the dreadful begining of the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook when I have time to cook. But it seems that there is less and less hours in the day.
Sunday I recommitted myself to makeing dinner every night. (after eating out ALL weekend with 3 kids it gets expensive...) I sat down to make the dinner list. I was gung-ho to come up with 5-7 meals. I got 2 and a half. (Go me!!)


Stuffed peppers. Easy enough. Start the rice. Saute the onion. Brown the groud beef. Add the tomatoes, cheese and seasoning. Wash and core the peppers. Add the cooked rice. Place in baking dish. Place dish in oven. Peel and cube potatoes. Boil. At this point I decide, "I'm already in the kitchen, might as well make an apple pie." Peel and slice apples. Search relentlessly for ready made pie crust. Nothing. I forgot to buy one. Start pie crust from scratch. Dusty comes in and offers to make the lattice top for me. Sounds like work. I will let the man do the work. Put pie crust in fridge to chill. Mash potatoes. Microwave corn. Dinner is served. We eat, and I get the pie crust out of the fridge. Not all the way chilled, but if I don't get it in the oven soon the pie will be baking till after 9. Dusty puts on the lattice top. Put pie in oven. 45 minutes. it has been my experience that I burn the top pie crust. I don't know how to not. I trust the timer and walk away. 45 minutes later beautiful lattice top is burnt. Kids and hubby eat it anyway.


BBQ chicken. Dusty doesn't love chicken normally. But with BBQ sauce there is an exception. Stove top stuffing. (love the stuff) Asparagus. (I forget to cook the darn things) and rolls. (rolls are frozen) I leave work a little early to get Gracie from school to take frozen rolls out of freezer and put on counter to thaw. Pick up Graice. Stop at Poppys and pick up fabric and pillow forms from Susan (Gracie is asleep in the car) Go by the shop and drop off the entire inside of my beetle. (I could not fit another thing in. It was STUFFED with fabrics and pillow forms) My mom is at the shop, she offers to deliver Gracie to tutoring on her way home. Good deal. Now I can finish folding drapes. Stop at customers house to look at recliner. Drop off rent check. (a few days late, I know) Pick Gracie up from tutoring. Get home, finish drapery quote for entire house full of windows. Drench chicken thighs in BBQ sauce. Put water and butter on to boil for stuffing. Turn oven on for rolls. Forget asparagus. Drop chicken on grill. Dusty comes home. I tell him, "You know I really don't know what I am doing with that BBQ." I almost always over cook on the grill. he takes over from there. I get dinner set out. Realize I have no vegetable. Grab baby carrots from fridge and ranch dressing. Dinner is served. No one eats the carrots. huh.

Tomorrow will be and adventure. Good luck to all you dinner cookers.