Thursday, January 15, 2009

Salt and Pepper Shakers

So, I went down to the court to take care of my Mud Flap ticket. All I had to do was show the reciept that I bought mud flaps. Since Dusty works on Country Club, and the court is on Country Club, I had lunch with him first at El Charros. We didn't own any salt and pepper shakers, and I always forget to buy some, so I put the salt and pepper shakers in my purse. Yes, I stole the salt and pepper shakers. (I left a decent tip though) I took Dusty back to work, and went to the Court. I put my purse on the x-ray machine, and went through the line. The officer looking at the screen gave me a funny look and said, "Do you have Salt and Pepper Shakers in your purse?" and I started laughing and said, "Yes. I forgot those were in there. Last time I came to the court I had a taco in my purse..." He just handed me my purse. Thank goodness he didn't recognize them and arrest me for stealing!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Garage Final

Had the final inspection for the garage today. It passed! The inspector didn't even look at it really. Just asked which walls were new. Didn't even make me turn on the lights. I offered. He must have been in a rush. I was the last job of the day.
So, the DEMO begins. You missed out, Dusty already did most of it.

My Hero

As you may know, the puppies are getting to be about 5 weeks. They poop ALOT. So, we take them outside and play with them, and hope they poop in the grass instead of the kennel. Yesterday, we were BBQing ribs. I went into the house to grab something, puppies were in the grass, Dusty went outside, and I hear, "Uhh! Ohh!" and a splash. I go out just in time to see Dusty fully clothed getting out of the pool with a sopping wet puppy who is convulsing and contorting in very odd ways. Dusty says, while pulling off his shirt(try not to swoon ladies, I know, he's so sexy), "Do something for it." I rubbed it, and said, "I don't know what to do for it!" and he muttered something about me being in a panic and gave the poor thing mouth to mouth. It started breathing, and i wrapped it in a towel to dry it off and get it warm. The poor thing made horrible noises all night, and vomited for hours. I think that it's going to be okay though.
Thank you to Dusty, who now feels that I can't handle and emergency. On the contrary, I can handle human emergencies, I just don't know what to do for animals.
If any of you have an extra sprint phone, he lost his in the line of duty. Those cell phones never take to getting wet.