Saturday, November 22, 2008

Working on the Garage

You may or may not know... We are building a garage connected to Dusty's house. Surprise! A Permit for two walls is a pain in the butt, and cost more money then you may expect. Framing went in, rough electrical... (thank you so much Grandpa) Then comes the garage door... We watched a short film on how to install the door. (I slept through it) I think that the door was the hardest part. It's coming along though. Siding is up, and the south wall framing. Anyone bored or just feeling an itch to work is welcome to come over and take my spot working up a sweat.

Shawn is doing his part to dig a new post hole for the gate. He did a great job. Gracie also got into the grime and dug out some dirt. Summer, as always, did her best to be cute hoping the it would get her out of the hard work.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back by popular demand

I guess some of you missed the truck pic....

Funny story, I sent a friend of mine a photo of it from my phone, and she showed her husband. He asked her who on earth would by a monster truck, that I was barely taller then the tires! Summer was standing infront of the truck when I took the pic and her husband thought that it was me!