Thursday, January 6, 2011

New shop

I have finely bit the bullet. The 330 square foot garage is to small. I'm moving up to a new shop on the 15th. It's on Val Vista and Main. It's almost three times the size of the garage. Katt is going to get her very own desk. There will be a room for drapes, a room for upholstery, and a room to house the ready items! This is a very exciting time!

If anyone knows anyone trying to get a small refrigerator off their hands, or a microwave, I will be looking for something cheap!

The girls are very excited to be able to work somewhere with a REAL heater. Hands move slowly when they are cold. No more huddling around the iron for warmth!

Dusty is going to have his very own garage. No more building sand cars in the driveway and fighting with upholstery to get the air compressor out!

2011 is going to be a great year!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gracie is 10!

Gracie had her birthday on January 2nd. She is now in the double digit club! She got herself a brand new whiplash scooter. It's kinda tricky to ride. I am certainly not coordinated enough to get a handle on that sucker. (i cant even pogo)

Happy birthday to Gracie!

New Years

New Years weekend brought freezing tempuratures and, you guessed it SAND!!! We loaded up the trailer, kids, and every pair of warm cloths that we owned and headed for the Sand Dunes.
The Manx ran like a champ. No more blown hoses! We actually made it out to the dunes to try that bad boy out! Dusty rebuilt the shocks since the last trip so the suspension was much better. The kids loved every minute of the ride. I even heard that Gracie was so scared at one point that she thought she was going to pee her pants! All in good fun though.
The highlight of the weekend for me was when Shawn decided to brave the dunes and make the trip over to Patten Hill on the kids quad! I loved following him and the responsible way he rides. He is so cautious!
Shawn and Summer even took turns trying to run up the hill. (It was the steepest part of patten hill...) They didn't make it far, but they did at least try.

The Manx made a good run down the sand drags... That bad boy topped out at 75 MPH! Luckily we got those 5 point harnesses!
We survived the cold and made it home!



Yes, we had Christmas at our house too.... The workroom has been very busy, and I haven't been able to keep up like I should.
We decorated the Christmas tree. Dusty put the lights on, and the kids and I pulled out all the ornaments. Even some left over tinsel. (Shawn said it wasn't festive without tinsel)

Dennis came over Christmas morning. We had just had Gracie that day, so we got to keep some presents under the tree for a few more days. Gracie got a haul of cloths, and her very own fish tank! (Dusty keeps his gold fish for the Lion fish in her tank) Dusty took her the next day to pick out a special fish just for her. The lion fish is not aloud to eat it!

After the Christmas festivities we took the Manx out for a test run in the desert. My Dad and Adam joined us, as well as Cristal. (her and I took turns in the miniature back seat) We made it back the the parents for some good food and some family fun!

Tuesday morning Shawn and Summer made it back home for open up their gifts. Summer got a frosty maker and Shawn a PoGo stick. (Between the three kids I haven't heard that thing stop pogo-ing since!) Also, the much needed cloths. The kids were all looking very orphan-ish. Dusty took the kids and bought me my very own pair of scissors. They even had them engraved with #1 Seamstress. I am pretty sure that no one in the workroom will use them!