Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the Papes

With Cristal and Pauls wonderful help we made Tamales on Christmas eve. Two trips to the grocery store, just for beef broth! Even though it was at the top of my list, I forgot it the first time.
This year for Christmas Dusty, Me, Gracie, Sharon, (Dusty's mom from Lake Havasu) and Dennis (Dusty's Dad) spent Christmas morning together opening gifts. Gracie didn't have much time to explore her new gifts before she was off to her moms house for more presants. Dusty got me the same camera that the Whites have! Yeah! I love to be able to take pictures of my family. They all grow up so fast.
Then it was off to my parents house to have breakfast and open more gifts! Lucky for my dad I got him a glue on mustache.
Monday will bring my kids, and more gift opening! I will be so happy to spend some time with them. Christmas week feels so long.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day!

We had a snow storm up in Payson and hurried to get there before all the snow melted! Dusty got off work Saturday, and I borrowed a few jackets from Dawn and off we went. I think that all the kids had a good time. I'm the only one that came back with some scraped up knuckles. (from the hard snow...) They played till they were to cold to play anymore. Thier pants were frozen stiff! Next time better sleds, and warmer gloves!