Sunday, September 20, 2009

Utah Trip

I finally got to go on the Utah trip. Even though it was only for Thursday and Friday, it was worth it. We met my Dad, John and Paul up there Wednesday night and had some dinner. When it was time to turn in, Dusty and I took the floor. Between John and my dads beds... it was like sleeping in a bear cave. I don't know how Paul slept through it.
Thursday was the GPS rides. We got to go pretty much where ever we wanted. We found geo caches, and grilled up some burgers on the trail. We were lacking a spatula for flipping the burgers. Dusty used his inventive ways and fashioned a spatula out of a empty monster can. Hence, Monster Burgers. They were so delicious. We ran into cows, and very seldom other riders. It was awesome. Next time we want to have a race to see who can find the most geo caches. I'm excited about that.

Friday we were going to take a ride that I hear was really good. But, the RZR was 7" to wide to fit through the gate. So with my Dad as courageous leader we took off into the unknown.... (well, he knew where he was going.) The trees were changing colors so it made for a really pretty ride.

We stopped for lunch at a cabin that had a little mine and railroad tracks, but no train. I got my dad to be the train. He did a great impression.
Friday night after dinner we took off for Page. Spent the night in a hotel, and got home Saturday afternoon.