Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The remodel

You may know that Shawns room consisted of not much... a bunk bed that could only be placed on one wall because of a diagonal closet. My desk. That could only be placed under the bunk bed. And, a dresser. Anything that Shawn owned he had to keep on top of his bed or the dogs would eat it. It wasn't a great little boys room. The carpet was nasty from having so many puppies. It was already half torn up. So, finelly, I got a little crazy and decided to start the demo.
Took out the bunk bed, gave it to Katt. Ripped out the closet. Tore up the carpet. Bought a new bed. It was a water bed, the guy said it was a twin, when I got it together, it wasn't. Don't have a water bed mattress, had to retro fit the bed. A jig saw and some screws later, and there you have it. All the while with my wonderful confident mother standing by helping me.
Now comes the dry wall mud. The sanding of the walls to make the texture match, and hopefully some paint.

That's me, taking out the closet.

Katt staying off the carpet.