Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday after a long week of work, My mom and Grandma working long hours, making sure that I baby my silly shoulder injury, I petitioned Dusty to help me install the latest work of art. I gave putting the box up a good shot, but cant lift my arm above my shoulder, so had to call Oscar to make and emergency install.
Everything went up perfect. Something that big and involved is stressful. But. it turned out lovely.

New couch

Thursday Grandma and I went to pick up a new sofa for us. I traded out recovering an ottoman for a very large sofa that fits perfect in out living room.
We had to stop and pick up the trailer at Oscars. He didn't answer the door. He didn't answer the phone. I knew that he was in the back of the house so I figured that I would just jump over the fence and get his attention.
I started up, almost to the top, grabbed a hold of a piece of steel cemented into the wall, and it gave. I fell back, landing half on the trailer. Resulting in a very black and blue elbow, a fractured shoulder blade and a chip broke off.
It hurst.
Couch fits perfect. It was a bit slow with a 66 year old woman and a one armed girl moving it. But we got it loaded. Everyone can fit on the couch now. No one has to sit on the floor. I am very happy.