Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sand Dunes

Last week end brough what we thought would be cooler weather. (That joke was on us, it was at least 95) So, we took a little trip up to Glamis. We went with a group of Dusty's friends. The RZR didn't do to bad... it did have some glitches though that Dusty is working on fixing. (belt was slipping, it got a little hot as well) This trip, I didn't get to ride my quad... (lack of a helmet, Shawn's helmet just didn't fit right) which was just as well, I would have missed my dad who just makes Duning so easy. You just follow. Nice and smooth. I trust him not to kill me. So, I went to the next best, riding with Dusty, who I also trust not to kill me. It was good times. No roll overs, (might have been fun though... that's what they putthat roll cage on there for...) No injuries.