Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A few more pictures

Monday, July 6, 2009


We had our 4th of July Disney vacation!
Monday morning, we left bright and early. We thought that we would make it there before big daddy. He sent us a text letting us know that he was leaving late...
About 45 mintues from Disney he let us in on his little joke... he was almost there! We were very close to catching up, he was turning into the Disney parking garage as we were turning into out hotel!
The deal was, who ever can find him in Disneyland gets a golden dollar. In addition to that dollar, if he was found in Toon Town they would get two fifty cent coins...
Dusty found him outside of the Haunted Mansion, on the way to Splash Mountain. He got the golden dollar. We road with him on Splash Mountain, and sadly, I didn't carry my camera that day, other wise there would be evidence.
Tuesday we checked into our hotel for the rest of the week, and spent a few more days at Disney. Riding the rollar coasters and waiting in lines. (none of the lines were to terrible) Summer, wishing that she were just a little bit taller, (there was only one ride there she was to short for) Always wanted to make sure that she hadn't grown in the last ten minutes... "Can we just check and see if I'm tall enough now?" "You did not grow in the last ten minutes!" "Can we just stuff my shoes with napkins?" "No, we can't stuff four inches of napkins into your shoes!"
Nice lazy days. Spend the morning riding rollar coasters, afternoon at the pool, evening riding rollar coasters, catching a few parades, light shows, fireworks.
More on the vacation coming soon....