Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sunday morning we went for a hike. Just outside of Superior there is a little water fall with a pool at the thop that you can rock climb up to. Here's a little taste of the terrain...

There were hand hold in some places cemented into the rocks, and ropes to hold onto while you pull your self up and strategically place your feet.

Once you make it to the top there is a waterfall.

Shawn and Summer swam out to it, for a buck... They were a little leery about swimming in a pool that wasn't cemented in.
At one point Summer put her feet down and exclaimed, "There is sand on the bottom!" She was expecting slimy rocks.

The climb down was a little trickier then the climb up, but we made it.

We took the wash back to the car. Summer and Shawn used the cable that was running down the wash for acrobats... tight rope walking and swinging back flips!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Remodel update

Some of you have asked for a finished product blogger update. I don't have one yet. The remodel got put on hold so that I could do some work, and so that Shawn could sleep in his room. So here is the half finished product for your viewing pleasure.