Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Popular Girls By Summer Omerza

This book is dedicated to my family and my teacher.

There were five girls that didn't know that they were popular. So they always played together.
Brooke's house got boring, so they went to Maegans's house and they stayed there for an hour.
And then they went to Cali's house and Kaia's house. They stayed there an hour, but it got boring.
And then they found out that they were popular.So the popular girls went to the mall to buy some jewelry and they were on their way.
They were there and they went in to the jewelry store... and they saw the most beautiful jewelry in the world.
They bought the jewelry and they shared together.
All five girls tried it on and then Maegan said, "it is safe with me." the girls did not know that Maegan stole the jewelry.
Then they forgot that they let her borrow the ring and they burst out laughing. "hahahahahahahahahahah!"
Then, they went to the movies to see Twilight. It was just another day with the popular girls.

About the Author
Summer loves to write and to read. She loves to hike and she loves ice cream. She loves music, and it's called rap.

(word for word, this is her very first published book. Every page is illustrated.)