Friday, April 3, 2009


Last week end Dusty and I took the kids up to Thatcher to see Cristals play, Suesicall the Musical. We stopped on the way up at the Waterfall hike. Summer and Gracie stayed down low while Shawn, Dusty and I went to the top pool. Very pretty. I think that the girls could have made it with a little patience.

After the hike, we hung out under the bridge. I happened to have a black marker in my purse, which came in handy to teach the kids the fine art of Graffitti.... (We are such good parents.) It looks like Dusty + Rachael is written in concrete from this day forward. Sounds more solid than any marriage I have had...


I saw that I was tagged, and just haven't had time to put up a post. Here I am, negleting my work, to tell you about...

5 things I was doing five years ago-
Ending my first marriage
Struggling to raise two kids alone and work full time
Going back to church
Crying, alot
Contemplating running my own business

5 Things on my to-do list-
Sew stuff
Grocery store
Put out designers "Emergency" drapery fires
Dinner with Dusty

5 things I would do with a million dollars
Buy a house with a wrap around porch and a shop in Lehi
(I think that pretty much absorbs my million dollars, but if I had 5 million dollars...)
Pay off my moms house
Buy a car that seats six
Pay off my truck

5 places I have lived (what time span constitutes "living?")
110th Place
Halibut Point Road
Princess Dr.

5 jobs I have had
Papa Kelseys
Athena's Window Fashions
Model Home Concepts
Outside sales girl
Pillow Talk