Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Time

Sunday night we carved our pumpkins. The kids did thiers all on thier own. I, being the model parent that I am, gave them regular old steak knives. They got the eyes, nose and mouths, (oh, and Gracie even added ears!) without incident. Those are some good kids.
Saturday night, we took the kids to the Arizona scream park. 4 haunted houses. The first one that we went in, all three kids cried for about five minutes. By the third, Summer was dragging me through saying, "Come on mommy, don't be scared!" I'm not a big fan of walking around in the dark with creepy looking dudes hanging out in the corners. At one point, a man wearing a black cloak and white mask came out of one door way. Summer just gasped and said, "Oh my WORD!" The ghoul started laughing. I guess he didn't hear "Oh my word!" from many people that night.
Give me a call if you ever need any parenting advice!