Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, I headed out to Maricopa court today. I was not the only ridicules ticket in the room. There was also a man who got ticketed for accelerating to fast.( He was going 25 MPH when the officer pulled him over. In a 35) The judge asked him what he thought the proper fine would be since there was no fine in place and the man chose 150.00. Huh. I would have maybe hit him with 25.00. I got charged with everything and told that I was let off easy since they dismissed the fine for having the improper address on my drivers license. Even though I had that changed, I was let off easy. 380.00 later, I'm back here in Mesa. All of the speeding tickets in the room were for going over the speed limit less than 10 miles an hour. Way back when, I remember getting legitimate tickets. For really speeding. Criminal speed. Not these stupid tickets that make you think that the police are out to get you, not just to serve and protect. Bullshit.

Monday, March 23, 2009

22 Boxes

My wonderful Manfriend made me twenty two cornice boxes over the weekend. Some were quite large. Some had little shapes cut out of them. It probably would have taken me about three whole days to make them. I'm not as fast as him. It will take me a good week to cover them.

Just for being so wonderful I made a special dinner. Ckicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. Complete with asparagus fried in a butter and garlic sauce.

Mud Flaps at Last

After putting them on, runnning them over in reverse and ripping them off, they are finelly cut down and back on.

Next I get a gun and a CWP. I'll stay away from the bullets though.