Sunday, January 31, 2010

Summer's Birthday

For Summer's 8th birthday we got her ears pierced! She was very excited, even suggested that I take her out of school early that day to have it done. I told her there would be plenty of time after school for it. She say in the chair and get ready. She said that she wasn't even nervous. When the trigger of the gun pulled you should have seen her eyes get big. not a tear. Very brave.

Saturday, with all her friends and family we rented a bounce house and let the kids go wild!! (WILD AND LOUD) We had some fruit, and a pinata. Every kid loves a pinata. Rigdon even joined in on the hitting of the paper mache toy when he found out there was candy inside. Each kid got a chance to hit, and then, candy everywhere!! We got some cake, and ice cream and opened gifts.

Summer says thank you to all who came. She had a great party!