Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Dusty, Adam and I took a trip up to the Cinders for the weekend. Kid free..
The weather was perfect, (maybe a bit windy.) It was supposed to get down into the 30, but it never did make it down there. Thank goodness! The manx didn't do to hot. Plenty of power, but the whoops made it so you could barely make it into 2nd gear. Not much use for all that power. Wish the shocks were bigger, and the travel was longer!

Adams quad ran like a champ. Just walked up the hills. No problem. The kawi was lacking paddles... Dusty said that I wouldn't need them and not to ruin my paddles in the cinders. I was not a happy camper when I couldn't make it up the face of the hills. (I had to roll down backwards SEVERAL times) Adam and I made it through. Poor guy had to wait for me to find the not so steep sides that were packed down a bit harder. I wasn't making it though any soft stuff.

Over at the drags Dusty and Adam did some racing. I did some bystanding. I go up to 43 MPH though cinder lake. I wasn't trying to scare myself, just see how fast felt comfortable to me. Adam ran his quad through the lake at 60. If I wasn't so notorious for falling off, I would have given it a little harder of a try, but can't afford to mess up my money maker...

The manx didn't fare so well on it's last run. Broke and axle and Adam had to make his way back to camp (in the dark) to get me and the truck so I could tow that little orange dune buggy back to camp. A bit of work, and we will be ready for the next trip in July!

6th grade Promotion

Last week Shawn made it through elementary school. I was so proud of him! he made it through the 6th grade with flying colors. He was a little apprehensive about his teacher this year. He told me that she was mean when the school year started, but she proved to be a fun teacher. And, to tell you the truth, my favorite one that he has had. If you wanted my opinion.

The 6th graders started out with the cutest song I ever heard. They re did the words to "Wanted" I didn't get a video, but Shawn promised to writed down the words for me.

Of course, me being the sappy mom that I am, he walked up to get his certificate, and my eyes watered right up. He was so little compared to all the other 6th graders! I hope he does some growing taller over the Summer!!

He is now on his way to Jr. High. That makes me feel pretty old... He is such a good kid. I'm so glad that he is responsible and cautious. I don't have to spend to much time worrying that he is going to be okay.

I love you Shawn. You are a beautiful part of our family that I wouldn't be able to do without!!