Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Annual 4th of July camping trip! After re-routing to a new location we found the perfect spot! There were lots of trails to take rides on! If you didn't want to go on the same trail twice, you didn't have to! There was a wide open meadow for the kids to make a trail on. (no, your not supposed to do that, but we let the kid have at it) Plenty of wild life, cows, bulls, deer, turkey. We may have even seen a buffalo. Summer went out on a ride with Andrew and came back with a tale of a bull with 5 legs! That's right! straight from the mouth of Summer, "The 5th leg was on the under carriage and it was only 2" from touching the ground!" Shawn took a caravan out for a ride. He got to be the leader. There was some rocky terrain that he felt a little unsure about, but he did AWESOME!
Summer fell in love with the White family's 70. She road that baby around as much as she was aloud to!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

She floats!

After about a year of sitting on dry land, Dusty finely got his boat wet! Brand new upholstery and a rebuilt 454, and out she goes! Adam and Paul went along for the ride. There was an attempt to wakeboard but sitting in the sun left the wakeboard tow rope rotted and brittle. Hopefully we get a few good rides in before she gets sold!