Monday, July 5, 2010

Woods Canyon Lake

For 4th of July we took a bit of vacation and headed up to Woods Canyon Lake.
Dusty the kids and I left Wednesday night in time to get there at 1:00 am. Traffic was great. No one on the road. Visual for the camp site could have been better, but we got pretty close to prime camping realestate. Shawn, Gracie and Summer got the opportunity to ride everything without haveing to share to much for the first day. Lucky little kids.
Cristal was next to arrive, bright eyed and bushy tailed... okay, maybe just bushy trailed...She took a quick mini nap and was up and about to enjoy the time in the forest.
Grandma Millward was next. Trucking along with Otis.
Then the rest of the crew arrived late afternoon. Grandma Gillespie, and her clan of Julie, Elexa, Kylie and Deven. Dawn and Andrew and their kiddos.
The days were filled with motorcycle riding, (Dusty's day was filled with motorcycle fixing) hiking to the "pond" to catch snakes and lizards, maybe even a sock or two, tree riding, (this is where you find a pine tree and shimmy up till it bends over, then take turns holding down the tip while someone climbs on and then you let go and they bounce up and down)fishing, napping, and eating some good food.
Mom and Cristal ran up to Strawberry to kidnap Julia and Emilee so that they could join in the fun.
Grandpa Gillespie, Andy, Adam and Paul made it up just in time to do some fishing and Grandpa hooked us all up with some delicious cobbler.
I don't think that I have ever had a more fun camping trip. Everything was great. The kids were all good, not to much fighting, everyone seemed pretty happy.
Can't wait to do it all again! Labor day anyone?