Monday, June 15, 2015

Not so sure

What's going on? I'm not sure. I think i don't like owning a business. I know that i don't like my clients. They are unappreciative. They are demanding. I don't like the overhead. I don't mind the work. I like creating things. But over the past 5 years, it's all become very mundane. What to do? I dont know yet. I was excited for a few months about starting a furniture boutique. But its kind of lost its sparkle. I don't have the funds to retire, so thats out of the question. I mean, I've invested 18 years of my life into this... All for what? I knew I didn't like it when I started, but I am good at it. I also believe that I could be good at anything i invest myself in. But what is it that i really like? I'm just not sure. So I will try something different. I will venture out, but leaving my comfort zone is hard. How to do it? Where to start? 


Brenda said...

I know how you feel! I'm not so sure, either. You are right, though. You WILL be great at whatever you end up choosing to do.

Or how about we win the lottery?

Megan H said...

Come visit me....I am up for a brainstorming session!!!